Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 2 wrap up

Oh friends.  Balance.  It is a tricky thing.  One that eluded me this week.  I really struggled this week, going back to work, exercising, eating well, seeing friends, cleaning my house etc.  I was so tired from returning to work and it was not an easy week.  All that being said, I didn't write a single letter.  Not a one.  How awful.  I keep trying to make it ok by telling myself that just the week before I had written all of my thank you notes to the children in my class and my family!  But, that was not the challenge.  The challenge was to write one every night THIS week and I didn't do it.  So no go on week 2.  Sorry!

In other news, Mike and I decided to set weekly exercise goals since it worked so well in week 1.  I was a bit over ambitious in my goals but proud of what I did accomplish.  I completed fully 2 of the four and half of one.  I went to the gym three times, played tennis once and ran once.  I did not run a second time and never did any comcast videos.

That's ok!!  Part of living a healthy life is recovering when you fall off the wagon, right?  Not letting it get you down and never get back up.  So, lessons learned.  Set realistic goals, and be easier on myself.

Balance - I will achieve you.  Oh yes.  I will. 

How was your week 2?


  1. Hang in there Emy. I tell myself anything is better than nothing. This week I stayed away from sweets and walked three days. Anything is better than nothing.

  2. V, I could not agree with you more in setting realistic goals. Remember, on your quest for balance you want to feel success and proud of what you accomplish rather than berating yourself for what you did not do. Be kind to yourself and set realistic goals. There is definitely room for lounging on the couch with a glass of wine and good book in a balanced life :)
    So proud of you!