Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nerding out

Happy end of week 4, friends!!

So many great ideas for getting more fruits and vegetables into our diets this week.  I did some juicing, which was delicious (well, actually it was super bitter but still good) but only did it once because it is a real pain to clean up.  I did try to add a fruit to my breakfast, usually an apple or strawberries and that worked out really well.  I made a smoothie with some frozen berries a few mornings which were delicious.  I also made some quinoa with beans and veggies for lunch that lasted a few days.  I ate it with arugula and a little oil and vinegar.  Yum.  HL just suggested making large amounts of roasted veggies at the start of the week and eating them in various ways (sandwiches, snacks, etc) throughout the week.  I am going to try this for sure.  I love roasted veggies.  My beautiful Aunt P also suggested making a big ol salad without dressing at the beginning of the week and reaching for that.  Did any of you try some new ways to get more fruits and veggies in?  Do share!

Week 4 was a tough one at work but ended really well with my greatest friend, EP and her fiance (1 month engaged!!!) visiting here in SF.  The weather was in our favor with a break in the rain providing a beautiful sunny day to wander all around the city, eating good food, seeing beautiful things and just enjoying being together.  It was the best.  It's amazing how friends and family can totally lift you up and make things so happy. 

I am excited for week 5!  The goal is one that I have been thinking of for a while.  So without further ado, week 5...

Spend 20 minutes everyday learning something new.

Yes!  I am a total nerd about this one.  I can learn a new song on the piano or guitar, work in my French workbook, relearn (for the 100th time) how to cast on a new knitting project, take 20 minutes to learn about a new country or person or event - the options are limitless!  Nerd out friends.  I love learning new things.

I am thinking of changing the format a bit by writing down a bunch of goal ideas and picking them out of a hat so there is a little more of an element of surprise.  My friend, AJ, the inspiration for this whole thing, does it that way and she gets so excited before hand to find out what the goal will be.  We could all use a little excitement like that in our lives, yeah?  If you have any goal ideas - send them my way or put them in the comments.  I was even thinking of doing goals that aren't necessarily everyday things but more of something that could be done over a week like try a new recipe this week or take a new class at the gym.  I'll let you know what I come up with.

Hope you guys have a totally nerdy week 5!


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  1. yay for roasted veges! and i have a goal suggestion: take five yoga classes in one week. =)