Monday, December 26, 2011

52 card pick up - sort of

Since moving to California two and a half years ago, I have been slowly, and sometimes unconsciously, making changes in my life in hopes of being more healthy, more mindful, more balanced.  A lot of it comes from my surroundings.  Here in Northern California, being "healthy" is easier.  Being active and being outdoors is not only possible year round, it is a part of life.  Everyone spends time outside, walking, biking, hiking etc.  Food is so fresh here, making it easier to eat fruits and veggies year round.  It is part of the culture here to be mindful of your health, body, friendships, love, work and taking time for yourself.  These are some of the wonderful perks of living in this area.

Another part of it is just me getting older.  I am in my 30s now, married, with a steady career (yikes), and we are hoping to have children and own a home someday soon.  I am not to total adulthood yet though, I don't own any appliances (specifically a washer and dryer).

So with all of this, and as the new year approaches, I find myself making goals of how to lead a healthier life.  I don't just mean with diet and exercise, although those are certainly a part of it, I also mean hobbies (reading, cooking, art, knitting, singing), nurturing relationships, being spiritual, traveling and perhaps most importantly becoming better at loving myself.  I have never been very good at that last part but now as my life evolves to loving my husband and any future children, it seems more important to get better at that, in order to truly love them.

Ok, so here's the plan.  A friend of mine, who has been particularly amazing at setting goals and sticking to them, had the idea of setting one goal each week in hopes of making some healthy life changes.  I am taking her challenge and perhaps even adding a few extra things for just me.

Enough suspense.  The goal for week one is...

doing a 30 minute instructional workout class or video everyday.  I can do that!  However, I am also planning on doing a 10k in March so I need to start working towards that.

Here's my plan for the week:
Sunday - Christmas, Joining weekly challenge idea
Monday - 30 minutes of videos from Comcast (done!  I did Cardio Funk and Cardio Hip Hop.  Kind of fun)
Tuesday - Zumba (60 minutes) at my gym
Wednesday - run 3 miles
Thursday - Zumba at my gym (60 minutes)
Friday - day off
Saturday - videos from Comcast or Netflix/ run 3 miles

Don't hesitate to give me feedback.  I'll let you know how I did (that whole accountability thing).