Sunday, March 25, 2012

All aboard the health train!!!

It's time to get back on that train.  The health train.

Hi guys.  I met my goal this week and only ate out three times!  Three glorious times.  I also made it to the gym twice.  So things are looking up, I just have to really get back on the train.  No more waiting at the station for the next train.  It's time.  I have a bad habit of letting the eating out, bad food and no exercising add up and snowball but I am putting a stop to it.  Hopefully.  I have talked with my dear friend, K, and she is going to help me get to the gym more this week.  My plan is to make it there 3 times.  Getting off my lazy butt this week!  Woohoo!  Train, I'm a comin for ya!

In other exciting news, my sweet love turns 37 this week!  He's awesome.  I adore him and look forward to celebrating at least 37 more birthdays with him.  If you know him, give him some birthday love this week!!

In other other news, my all time favorite basketball team is in the final four and I am totally loving the tournament.  College basketball has always been one of my favorite things.  I was born in Lexington and come from a family of die hard University of Kentucky fans.  I love how quickly the pool is cut down from (now) 68 teams to only 1, in just three weeks.  Each game counts and some are just so exciting.  My cats are so much fun to watch this year, playing like a team that is cohesive and energized.  I just love it. 

Which train are you on or trying to catch?


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello again!!

So maybe I meant 5 or 6 weeks instead...

Well, it is still March so at least there's that.  I will say that traveling abroad, while amazing and romantic and wonderful, put a major dent in my advancements towards balance in normal life.  But check out this picture of the Eiffel Tower lighting up at night.  Magical.

 Since returning I haven't been exercising, eating well, reading and keeping on top of things in general.  In fact I have been sleeping a lot, eating out a lot and being lazy.  But I am hoping to get back on the road to balance and wellness.  This is not a failure, just a small detour.

So here we are, week 12 of the blog.

My goal this week is to only eat out for three meals this week, all other meals should be homemade and mindful of being healthy.  I would love to make it less than three. 

Yay for getting back on the road!!

How have you guys been?