Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello again!!

So maybe I meant 5 or 6 weeks instead...

Well, it is still March so at least there's that.  I will say that traveling abroad, while amazing and romantic and wonderful, put a major dent in my advancements towards balance in normal life.  But check out this picture of the Eiffel Tower lighting up at night.  Magical.

 Since returning I haven't been exercising, eating well, reading and keeping on top of things in general.  In fact I have been sleeping a lot, eating out a lot and being lazy.  But I am hoping to get back on the road to balance and wellness.  This is not a failure, just a small detour.

So here we are, week 12 of the blog.

My goal this week is to only eat out for three meals this week, all other meals should be homemade and mindful of being healthy.  I would love to make it less than three. 

Yay for getting back on the road!!

How have you guys been?



  1. Emily! You inspire me! Your blogging got me to blog. Glad you are back! Love,
    Your College Roomie

  2. Of course it's not a failure. It's just a journey. It's always a journey! My journey has taken me to panic attacks as of late, but I just wrote a blog post about how I'm trying to overcome them by being mindful about diet and exercise and sleep. I keep thinking about how it's going to have been a year since your wedding so soon!!! AHHH! I miss and love you lots. I know you like my food stuff, so check out all the food pictures on my panic attack blog! Lots of ideas! And they were ALL easy to make!! LOVE YOU.

  3. Megs!!!! I have been wondering who Cordelia is! I thought maybe a random person online found the blog. I love that it is you and that you even mentioned my blog on your blog! Sharing the blog love. I have to remember how to add your to the side over there and I will do so. love you!