Monday, January 30, 2012

Clean up, clean up

"Clean up, clean up,
everybody everywhere.
Clean up, clean up,
everybody do your share"

This is the song I sing in my class sometimes during clean up time.  I need someone to sing it to me at home so that I actually have a clean up time.  I am not organized at home and make lots of piles and I hate to clean.  Woo, that feels good to get that out there.  My house is not hoarders style but it isn't pristine by any stretch.  There are piles of things around the house that haven't been looked at forever and they keep growing.  I don't love sweeping.  I don't love cleaning the bathroom.  I don't know many people who do love these things but I tend to avoid them.  So this week's goal is...

take 15 minutes everyday to do some cleaning and spend 1 hour going through a pile and throw things away.

The problem is that I tend to wait too long and get overwhelmed by all that needs to be done.  The most logical way to handle that is obviously to avoid it completely.  Perhaps taking 15 minutes everyday, a small amount of time, will be manageable and by the end of the week it will be clean(er)!!

It always feels good to have a clean house and to get rid of things that we don't need.  So that's the goal.

How do you guys do with cleaning?

I didn't get an overwhelming response (or really any response at all) to last week's goal but I really loved it.  I played my guitar, did some French, watched the State of the Union, read about Greece online, read every single day and loved learning some new things.  Did anyone else learn some new things?

Hope you guys are doing well out there!  I love hearing from you.

em a


  1. I hate to clean. HATE. IT. I need to do this, too. It sort of blows my mind how much TIME it takes to keep a clean and organized home. How do people make it seem so effortless? I wonder this all of the time. So 15 minutes every day? I'll try it. =)

  2. Good goal! I'm going to take it on, too. I also hate cleaning, but occasionally when I get in the "I must do this or I will die in this mess" mode, I try to compartmentalize. One good approach I have taken in the past with a modicum of success is one room/day (or night). If it's a week night, I pick a room that's easier, and that way there's some consistency, but it's not too overwhelming. I can take 15 minutes each day. High-five, friend!

  3. Funny that I just did some cleaning that was way overdue and then read your post. I am single and live by myself, so that means two things: there is no one but me to blame the dirt on (or clean it up) and I only clean when someone is coming over. My pride gets in the way and I would be horribly embarrassed if my peeps knew what a dirtball I truly am, so that gets me going. While I'm cleaning, I play country music or old school R&B or something that gets me going or makes me smile. Every time I clean, I think about how nice it would be to have things be legitimately clean and I think about hiring someone else to clean my lil' one bedroom. I justify it all kinds of ways, but the middle class girl in me can never seem to pull the trigger and hire a cleaning person.